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About the Artist

Micky Jansen

peaceful powerful female warrior hunter and nurturer approaches from a deeper level grows closer to the heart of things seeing the beauty of all that is
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Born in 1949, Micky Jansen was raised in Holland and lived in the South of France before moving to Arizona in 1979. She is a mother of four and a passionate horsewoman and naturalist. She gets her creative inspiration from life itself, seeking solace in the Arizona wilderness, riding her horses Tracker and Maya, often accompanied by her three dogs. Micky's artistic expressions are infused with the beauty and awe of nature. She observes and registers the colors, textures and themes in the natural world and transforms these images in her paintings and sculptural works. Micky's love of all things natural is reflected in her modern, impressionistic, and surrealistic style, finding the fluidity that is present in nature. The feminine human body stands most central in Micky's work. The womb, the Shakti, the intense earth energy ~ they all come together in vibrant colors on the canvas. The graceful blending of human and animal forms evokes powerful images not soon forgotten. Micky has been painting most of her life and was very fortunate to have worked and studied with some wonderful artists in Europe and the United States. Her paintings can be found in private collections, banks, and offices throughout Europe and the United States.

Artist Statement

The knowing of my interconnection with everything on this earth and with the whole universe gives me a sense of freedom. My brush simply starts dancing to convey that beauty and connection and hopefully to evoke something - deep inside of you. Your most inner feelings and emotions make you smile, bring you tears, and make you recognize what really moves you on a deeper level. Feeling the intense beauty of our lives on this earth, from our lowest depths to our highest heights, sparking that synergetic energy that connects us all. With my art, I hope to touch you, opening to your inspirational, spiritual and sensual part, making you more aware of yourself and the universe.