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Amazons & Feminine Energy

peaceful powerful female warrior hunter and nurturer approaches from a deeper level grows closer to the heart of things seeing the beauty of all that is
Micky Jansen | 928.606.1144 | | Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Red Tara Oil 48x24 Sold
Harmony Oil 48x24
Blue Amazon Madonna 14x10
Presence of Spirit Oil 36x18
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Creative Force Oil 48x30
Dancing with Wolves Oil 38x25
Amazon Madonna Oil 48x24
Universal Womb Oil 27x33
Blue Amazon 3 Oil 36x36
Sunrise Sunset Oil 48x60 Sold

Micky Jansen

Blue Amazon Madonna
Peaceful Warrior Oil 48x24 Sold
Spiderwoman Oil 48x30
Blessing Oil 36x36
Amazon 1 Oil 36x18
Blue Nudes Oil 24x48
The Blessing 2 Acrylic 36x36
Elk Woman Acrylic 60x48
The Fruitbearer Acrylic 60x20
Stepping Up Oil 48x24
Flamenco Acrylic 8x10 Sold
Flamenco Acrylic 8x10 Sold
Flamenco Acrylic 8x10 Sold
The Pink Chair Acrylic 48x30
The Blue Hat Acrylic 60x20
Exodus Oil 60x36